About Us

Simplifies the Recruitment Process with RectBox

Our promise is to simplify the comprehensive process of recruitment through a single platform. We are offering an excellent recruitment solution with the easy and eye-catching interface. Exceptional customer support for client’s ease is also available 24/7. Operations can be performed easily with a single click through streamlined working approach. Fully automated and streamlined recruitment functions are offering end-to-end cloud-based software solutions. Entire hiring lifecycle is now streamlined along with the flexibility of management for all industries. It equally manages the staffing agencies and business recruiters and turned to their foremost and reliable choice.

Our Mission

Company’s mission is to enhance the employment experience within the organization. We are offering an excellent recruitment software solution that simplifies all procedures according to client’s necessities.

Our Belief:

An efficient professional environment improves the productivity and enhances employee’s satisfaction. RectBox empowers the business and employees equally.


Our services empower the personnel to be more productive in less time and fewer efforts. It supports a strong and healthy relationship among organization as well as clients.