To opt for AI or not opt for AI- The question that also arises for Recruitment Software

recruitment software

The question that readily comes to mind when we talk in terms of where this newly found advent of machines, or in simpler terms; technology involved in the processes of HR. For instance, picture this. On a regular afternoon on a working day, the scenario is that a man steps into the office with his cup of coffee. He seems distressed. The robot has a face scanner attached to it by which he can scan the face of the employee. He recognizes the man in front of him as a new recruit who has applied in the particular organization. Much like a recruitment software recognizes a candidate’s information.

Some distance away from this employee that we speak of, sits a lady who is here to pick up her hot cup of tea. She walks out of the room while sipping on it. She sees a purchase invoice as she walks out of there. Meanwhile, another worker passes by, indulged in a conversation with a robot who happens to be his assistant. The idea of artificial intelligence is gradually seeping into every domain of life. However so is the concept of introducing technology into recruitment practices; which is also commonly known as the introduction of a recruitment software.  It is taking over the corporate world as well. There are a few highly important questions that need to be asked here. The first and foremost question of importance is that whether or not artificial intelligence completely take over the corporate workforce which would in turn make the entire department of human resources completely obsolete. Or in another scenario, will the two work in unison. The objective however should always be that the entire idea of introducing AI is to fully support and not take over HR completely.

recruitment software

Companies continuously prepare themselves for a digital future. In this case, the better and way more advantageous move for HR is that it should recognize the great benefits of AI. Not only recognize them, but also employ it as a key enabler that plays a vital role in the enhancement of the organization. A fruitful and beneficial collaboration between HR practices and Ai will result in an intelligent HR.

AI can be easily used to empower HR. The question here is that what a machine can do differently that an HR executive cannot. Starting off… it can remember very important and key information and ultimately be known as smarter. Its capacity to store information is great and valuable.

Another huge advantage is that recruitment process is greatly sped up. It helps in acquiring a huge number of talent with less problems and difficulties. It offers clear cognitive solutions that are helpful in performing the right recruitment. To a great extent it has a very similar functionality to that of a recruitment software. Unlike a human being, machines do not suffer from any sort of loss of data or memory loss. It does not suffer from information overload. It does not get fatigued or distracted. This boils down to the simple fact that it makes machines reliable and consistent performers and participants.

It makes it easier to carry out unbiased assessment and screening of the candidates. Recent research shows that in a case of routine interviews, the employer conducting the interview may show an “unconscious bias”. These might be carried on way ahead of merely resume screenings and interviews.

It is a great way to improve employee engagement too. The introduction of AI takes away all the repetitive aspects of a job. AI and recruitment software gives an easier way of extracting employees who deviate from normal activity patterns in a firm to assist employers take the important actions that involve any sort of penalties. This promotes and encourages the right behavior too.