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Challenges Faced By Recruiters in Small & Medium Business

Challenges Faced by Recruiters

The proportion of vacancies is quite high in different fields but at the same time seeking for required staff isn’t an easy to find. Usually, small businesses hire recruitment agencies to get the right candidate. Although there are a lot of advantages in getting candidates from agencies but it... more...

How RectBox Improves the Recruitment Practice?

Recruitment Practice

Recruitment agencies or the professionals require to be efficient and smart enough to hire the competitive talent. Hiring for right talent in today’s business requirement to stay competitive in the market. Here, RectBox is an excellent and reliable solution available to improve recruiting... more...

Top 10 Qualities of Good Recruitment Application

Good Recruitment Application

Today’s recruitment is challenging and crucial. There are a variety of job boards available in the market to seek the active and passive candidates. A different candidate seeking strategies and generated by the recruiter. Now businesses are seeking for a comprehensive recruitment application that... more...