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Streamline your hiring processes and acquire better talent with RectBox recruitment software. Source better talent, track resumes and interviews efficiently and never miss on a good hire.

For Companies HR's

As a company HR, finding that perfect candidate for a job opening and providing the best candidate experience can make all the difference.


For staffing agencies

As a staffing agency, casting a wider net for talent, consistently filling job openings with the best candidates quickly is all that matters.

Find Candidates Quickly with RectBox’s Recruitment Software

With solutions for both in-house recruiters and staffing agencies, RectBox Recruit is a reliable recruitment software that helps hire quick and hire smart. From sourcing candidates, tracking interview processes and hiring candidates, streamline recruitment to match your company's needs.

Faster, Smarter Recruitment Software

Everything you need to manage your recruitment online.

Recruitment software for your whole team

Teams grow best when hiring happens in collaboration. Empower your teams at every stage of your hiring process and build great teams together.