Privacy Policy

Last Modified 20, September 2017

RectBox honors the privacy of the clients as well as partners. We are enthusiastic to satisfying with the chunks of the privacy act. It will be easier to comprehend our trade with customer’s private & professional information. We have evidently defined the procedure for information collection, management and disclosed. The privacy policy will regularly update to our website therefore, it is advised to regularly visit the page.

Policy Overview

RectBox is not guaranteeing that we are not selling, distributing and trading any of the private information of customers. Their private, contact, business and candidate’s information isn’t and never for sale. Data access is only provided to the few authorized and responsible people. It is our commitment to deliver data security. Don’t forget to visit and review the page before start using the software. Once the client has signed up, it is understood they agree with the policy. If there is some collection of information that unacceptable for you to share, please don’t provide it to us.

Information collected by RectBox:

Private Information

It refers to the information that is gathered for the candidate identification including name, date of birth, joining details, nationality, Identity card, license & Iqama number, contact and religion information etc. Such information is maintained and updated in the database.

Organization Information:

The collection of all information of client’s organization including its name, address, employment policy, tagline, stations and all other essential details.

User Navigational Information:

It includes user’s device as well as location information, for instance, IP address and geographical location etc.

Payment Information:

This section contains the details regarding payment moods. It also gathers candidate’s offered and expected salary along with different bounces and allowances.

Application Information:

Organization’s different policies are collected along with candidate’s offer letter and other. 

Information Usage by RectBox:

The information collected from clients is used by RectBox. Customers who have subscribed the services are indebted through agreements with them to accomplish with this Privacy Policy.

Usage of Personal Information:

We are using personal information of employer and candidate to:

  • Maintain and update the complete data for recruitment and HR department.
  • Generate important reports
  • Forward promotional updates and share different job openings.
  • Business feedback Collection

Usage of Navigational Information:

Navigational information is gathered for services improvement and client’s experience enhancement.

Payment Information:

This information is collected to review and update the financial qualifications and payment form clients.

Security of Personal Information:

We have used separate administrative, systematic and physical security procedures for the personal information’s security. All private information equipped by the consumer is involved through encryption.

Global Transfer of Information:

In order to serve different global operations, we would transfer and get access personal information. This confidentiality exposure will perceive even though we handover information to other republics.

Unsubscribe From Communications

Our customers reserve the right to unsubscribe from all marketing and promotional messages by simply clicking to “unsubscribe”. It is available at the end of our emails.