Terms of Service

With the usage of our product as well as services, clients are entirely agreed to these terms and conditions. Therefore, it is humbly requested to read them before sign up. If you are not agreeing to any point, RectBox can’t be used. The company fully reserve the right to modify and change terms of Service with providing any prior notice.

Last updated September 20, 2017

Welcome to RectBox!

Terms of services are complete demonstrations of our relationship with clients.

  • Clients are allowed to access and use of RectBox along with all associated domains.
  • Web usage, download, and installation of recruitment application.

These terms are connected to the usage of private and public areas of recruitment application. It could be considered as a contract among RectBox and its clients. By using this recruitment application, the client indicates their acknowledgment of the agreement.

  • License Allowance:

The recruitment software solution is licensed and not sold to any of the customers. The company is allowing a private, non-exclusive, non-exchangeable and limited access to their clients with respect to their purchase. This access is subject to the boundaries set in terms & conditions. The client has accepted that the application source code and other secrets along with the license will never be revealed.

  • RectBox Usage:

User Registration: While visiting the public zone of RectBox, it is compulsory to register to the application. You should agree to a term that all of the account information us accurate. Otherwise, organizations reserve right to dismiss the account having wrong or incomplete information.

User Responsibilities: Users are completely responsible for providing all information and requirements. The user is solely responsible for all actions happening in their account. Therefore, it is requested to you please doesn’t share your account credentials with any other person.

The user is liable to use the application for internal business purpose in synchronization with all applicable rules. Through this agreement, the user has agreed that they’ll never use it for any illegal purpose. It also includes

  • Engage any offensive
  • Objectionable behavior
  • Ruin of third party privacy
  • Ruin of third party rights

It is also accepted by the client that they’ll never proceed with recruitment application if they are underage and not capable for approving to terms and conditions.

The client also agrees that they will not directly or incidentally:

  1. Assign, trade, exchange, lease, sublicense, amend share it.
  2. Use any module of application in service agency agreement
  • Reproduce or modify any part of RectBox
  1. Permit any third party to involve in any of the acts defined in clauses (I) through (III).

No one is allowed to modify any copyright and brand rights. The customer is fully responsible to obey all laws, rules, and regulations that apply to that services.

Business Responsibilities: RectBox is fully responsible to offer their services in agreement with all related rules, protocols, and conditions.

We will reserve commercially executive, physical and technical resistances suggested guarding the safety, privacy, and reliability of information that you distribute to or through services.

We are not liable for any content related to other services and for losses, claims whether they are actual or paid, damages, costs of productions, fees arising from the use of content and any other party services which may interact while using the services.

Availability: We ensure 24/7 availability of services for clients, without scheduling maintenance time, emergency care, unapproachability caused by the application and any other reason outside sensible control.

Limitations: RectBox services are concentrated to realistic and other limitations. They are clearly stated within the application and order form.

  • User Content

RectBox allows the user to upload, deliver and use all information and content. The user is fully responsible for the excellence, authority, and resources through which content is attained. The company isn’t liable and responsible for any lack of privacy or security that client might experience without limiting the terms and services as well as privacy policy.

We encourage the clients to intelligently consider exposure of information that may be available to others. They are entirely accountable for taking defenses and providing security movements appropriate for the situation and planned use of the application.

  • Fees

Company reserves the right to change any fee schedule upon advance notice. Clients are required to pay according to the services and its package defined at pricing page. RectBox completely relays to the third party for its payment procedures.


Company warranty that they are genuinely entered into all terms and conditions along with having legal power of doing so. Client warrants that:

  • They have genuinely arrived into these terms of services and own legal authority to do so.
  • They own all critical rights, authorizations, agreements and permissions to use the content with our service.

Recruitment application is licensed. The client will bear all risk of its usage.

Company do not warrant that

  • The services will encounter business requirements,
  • Procedure of the application will be unremitting or virus/ error-free,
  • It will work with any other applications
  • Defects will be amended
  • It will be accessible for reinstalls on the similar or multiple devices.

Any vocal or written advice delivered by application or its authorized agents will not be assumed to create any warranty.

  • Liability Limitation

Company’s liability according to any single event rising out of connected with the delivery, performance, and usage of services will never exceed the amount paid by the client.

  • Indemnification

You agree to countersign and defend RectBox and its modules, directors, officers, employees, and representatives from and against all dues brought against it by any third party ascending from the usage of it or any violation of these terms of services, the rights of a third party or suitable law. Your indemnification tasks set out in this segment apply to any suitable activities occupied under your account. RectBox owns the right, at its own expenditure, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any substance subject to indemnification hereunder. In any incidence, no settlement that interrupts the privileges or responsibilities of it may be accomplished without its previous written endorsement.

  • Terms of Services Amendments

The company may revise these terms of services at any time. Modifications become authentic promptly upon first use of services subsequently the “last revised” date at the top of this page. Client’s continual access or practice of our services after the amendments become active is believed your definite acceptance of the amended terms of services.

  • Termination

These terms of services will automatically dismiss when a client fails to accomplish any term of them. On termination, the customer will stop all use of services and will extinguish any copy of all parts of services in tenure or control. Termination will not bound any of its other privileges or remedies at law

  • Transfer laws

You agree that you will not handover or retransfer, directly or indirectly, the services or other data or resources delivered by it, to any country.

  • Taxes

You are only accountable for all duties, taxes, and fees mandatory on or in connection with these terms of services by an expert.

  • Remedies

You agree that a breach of these terms of services will cause destruction to RectBox for which money reimbursements will not provide a reasonable remedy and it will be allowed to seek sensible support in addition to any remedies it might have hereunder or at law without a limit, other security or indication of costs.

  • Miscellaneous

Eliminating precisely set out in these terms of services, these may not be edited excluding by a writing applied by the consequently official representatives of RectBox. No other presentation, document, or custom will be thought to amend them. These terms of services will toughen to the benefit of and will be obligatory upon all party’s beneficiaries and assigns. These conditions and the licenses permitted hereunder may be allocated by RectBox but you may not allow them without the previous written agreement of it. If any capability hereof is or becomes, at any time or for any purpose, unenforceable or undesirable, no other facility hereof will be affected thus and the remaining necessities will remain the same effect as if such unenforceable or unacceptable requirements will not have been implanted herein; provided that the attitude of either party to gain significantly the negotiated for performance of the other will not have thereby been compromised. If either party fails to achieve any term hereof and the other party does not apply such term, the failure to implement in any event will not establish a relinquishment of any term and will not avoid implementation on any other event. If you have any questions associated with these terms of services to our support team by submitting a request at contact us with the subject of “terms of services of RectBox”.