Create Account:

In this module firstly create Accounts .Accounts are the brief description of related owner name. And Included all relevant information. The account statement explaining one’s conduct in the CRM module.

Account Listing:

This list view included all account information such as id, Account name, Phone, account owner, action and also selected all possible information. You can also create new account and import account from previous data. On above screen, Edit, delete Export Excel, Export in PDF options will appear.

New Account:

Field definition table of above form are as under:


Field Name Condition Field Definition

Account Name


Enter a specific name of account at the time of create new account

Account Owner


Select the  account owner name from drop down. Which is against in account.


Select the type name from drop down list. In which included walk in customer and expo retained visitor.
Parent account


Select the  parent account in the case of substitute of owner account. when account owner is not available then  parent account holder have authority to use account.


Selected the  industry from drop down list. In which account holder is working such as banking industry, IT  industry etc.
Phone Enter the  phone number of account holder.
Annual revenue


Enter the approximately amount of annual revenue.
Website Enter the official website of account holder.


Enter the  employee name to hold this account.
Default posting profile


Select the default posting profile. In which attached relevant GL accounts.
Credit Limit


Enter the credit limit amount. In  which employee used credit limit. When the  employee’s  account balance is not enough to make new transaction on credit.


Click save option to save all  account information

  Import Account:

 Sample File:

Firstly download the sample file

Upload File:

When sample file is download then click enable editing and save the file in documents then next step is upload the file

Mapping field                import data