The Contacts in CRM module is primarily intended for the administration of persons you collaborate with (customers, suppliers, clients, etc.

 Contact Listing:

This list view included all contact information such as id, name, Account name, phone, mobile, e-mail,  action and also selected all possible information. On above screen, Edit, delete, Export Excel, Print, Export in PDF options will appear and create new contacts and also import contacts from previous data.

New Contact:

Field definition of above form are as under:

Field Name Condition Field Definition
Name salutation


Select Name salutation such as Mr., Mrs. etc.
Contact Owner


select the  contact owner name from drop down list. Which is selected at the time of created account holder.
First/Last name


Enter the First and last name of owner.
Account name


Select the  account name from drop down list.  That is assign to the owner.
Department Select the department name that is related to the owner such as IT department.
Title Enter title name which specify the contacted owner.
Fax Enter the official fax number.


Enter the email address for relevant person.
Phone/mobile Select the phone number and mobile number of relevant person.
Mailing country/city Select mailing country and mailing city which is attached to a contacted person.


Click save option  to save all contacts information
 Import Contact:


  • Sample File
  • Upload File
  • Mapping Field
  • Import data