Import Fixed Asset:

  Sample File:

Click on sample file. It will download an Excel file. Save that file with a name to be uploaded in the next step.

The highlighted file is the downloaded file.

Fill the data about the asset; barcode, Eng. Name, Arabic name, description,  Manufacturer, FA group, Purchase price, Purchase date(the date from where the depreciation periods will be generated), quantity, asset life, stocking U/M, Currency, inventory type, note and scrap value.

Click on save

Select File

Now from Fixed assets click on select file.

Upload File:


Field Name Condition Field Definition
Return to FA listing   To make any change in the data, click on it.
Continue to run depreciation


Click this button to run the depreciation period.

Click continue to run depreciation. The following screen appears.

After clicking on run depreciation, the purchased asset will appear in the listing.