Maintenance Invoice is generated for a Work Order. For every work order there will be a separate invoice and invoice can only be created when the Work Order is closed.

In Welcome Screen, Select option invoice and then click new Maintenance invoice.


Creating New Maintenance invoice:

Opting New Maintenance Invoice will lead to the Maintenance Invoice Form. On selection a particular agreement, its unpaid closed work orders list will be available for selection otherwise a notification will notify of no work orders. In maintenance invoice the quantities of listed products can be changed depending upon usage/consumption.

Fields description of maintenance invoice screen,

Field Name Condition Field Definition
Invoice Number Invoice number is auto generated

Lease Agreement


Select lease agreement against which invoice is to be generated
Building Building Name will be auto populated from the details of selected Lease Agreement.
Work order number


A drop down field will enable to selected the work order against which invoice is to be generated.
Maintenance Head List of all the constituents of work order.
Owner Owner’s name will be fetched through agreement.
Tenant Name of Tenant will be auto populated through agreement.
Cost Cost per unit as entered in Work Order.
Quantity Quantity as per the Work Order.
Used Quantity Input field to change the Used Quantity up to the max. of original quantity.

Click the option of  save

Upon saving the invoice, it will appear in the list of invoices and will be available for receipts in Receive Invoices in the list of unpaid invoices of agreement. These receipts will be posted into ledgers using the posting profile of the building for which WO was prepared.