In Welcome Screen, Select setups and then select Pay terms.

Pay Term Listing:

The list view screen of Pay term listing in which id, payment term title, due date, paid in days, applied discount and action on above screen, EditExport Excel, Print, Export in PDF and Delete options will appear.

Creating Pay Term:

Field definition of above form are as under:

Field Name Condition Field Definition
Pay Term ID   A unique ID generated by the system
Title * Type pay term title here
Description   Write short description regarding payment term.
Net Due in (Days)   Enter total days for due payment
Discount if paid within (Days) * Enter days limit within this term will be apply
Discount (%) * Enter discount rate here
Account Receivable GL * Type and choose GL form COA list
Description   Enter short description related to AR GL
Accounts Payable GL * Type and choose GL from COA list
Description   Enter short details about AR GL
Save   Select save for save information