Work Order Flow:

Work Order (WO) is a request generated by an employee on specific request by tenant or on behalf of owner. Any repair works required for building/unit or any restoration or up-gradation to property will be processed through WOs. WO costs can be charged to Owner or Tenant.  From the module sub menus of LMS, Work Order can be selected to create a WO.

Creating Work Order:

Field definition table of above form are as under:

Work order Number  Condition Work order number is auto fetch
Lease Agreement


Enter lease agreement
Maintenance Charge To Select the person to charge the WO costs. These costs can be charged to Tenant or Owner.
Charge To The name of person to whom costs are being charged i-e Owner of Tenant, will be fetched upon selection from agreement.
Building Building Name is fetched from agreement.

Requested by


Selected the employee who has requested the work order.
Managed by


Enter the name of employee managing the WO.
Type Input text field to assign any type to work order.
Priority Select the priority of WO
Estimated cost Auto calculation of total costs of WO without markup.
Mark up The %age amount of markup to be charged.
Total Calculation of total costs of WO with markup.
Scheduled Start Date Date of initiation
Scheduled End Date Date of completion
Estimated Time Estimated time to complete WO.
Description Input field to enter any details or notes to WO.
Maintenance Notice Option to send maintenance notices to both owner & tenant.
Item Code


Enter material to be used in completion of WO. These items will be fetched from Inventory Module.
Quantity Input field to enter quantity of items expected to be consumed.
Vendor ID Select vendor from Accounts Payable to use their services.
Labor Name Input field to enter Labor Name
Labor Cost Enter the cost of labor.
Close WO Click option to close work order. Once closed it wont be changed or edited.
Update & Close WO


Enter update and close work order option to save the current changes. It can be edited and updated at this stage.

Once a WO is closed it cant be edited or updated and can only be viewed or printed. Invoices will only be created when the WO is closed and only for those WOs whose costs are charged to Tenants. WOs whose’s costs are charged to owners wont be available to be invoiced. These costs will expense out using the posting profile of building.